Fallen friend

This Memorial Day, I am thinking of Shawn.

KIA October 26, 2009 in Operation: Enduring Freedom. 3rd Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Afghanistan.

When I think of him, and what he was to me, a flood of old stories sweeps through my head. In my memories, he is as alive (and as full of bullshit and sick jokes) as ever. When I try to verbalize them, my mind fails me and I am unable to find a way to describe him, or capture the essence of this person who is now dead. Every word feels empty, and in the end I have nothing to say. Even now, almost three years later, I am failing. I am speechless.

I am still grieving for him, as I knew him years ago. While he lived, he set the world on fire. As it is now, all I can do is remember.


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