Tuesdays with Geordi: The Naked Now

Making my way through the complete series of Star Trek: The Next Generation, one Tuesday at a time. This week covers Season 1, Episode 2: The Naked Now

Single Sentence Synopsis: Fuck Wesley.

Recap: The Federation Fam are planning to rendezvous with a scientific research vessel – a sexy scientific research vessel, not a boring one like those other research vessels – that has been sending workplace-inappropriate voicemails for quite some time. Putting it mildly, “indications of what humans would call a wild party” are discovered, and after that things get a little horny. 

The good? Data and Yar totally bang. The bad? Wesley. I fucking hate Wesley. This entire episode exists to set up Wesley as a character of any value. It is a lie – Wesley is useless. Verdict: 3/10.