Clooney & Race Relations


I somehow stumbled across this old George Clooney article from the year 2000. I don’t know the man personally, but I hope he’s as chill now as he comes across in this interview. I used to love Playboy [insert for-the-articles pun here] and especially when they interview celebrities – they seem to have a way of getting the best stories, without all that a real pleasure to work with and it’s an honor to be nominated bullshit.

Aside from the story about Clooney choking David Russell – I can’t condone violence of any sort, but Russell’s been cruising for a bruising for some time now, from what I understand – there is also this anecdote that rings very true:

[The pig] was a little tiny baby when I was doing Roseanne. I saw him and said, “I want that.” I had a Harley then. I would put him in the saddle bags and ride. Now he’s as big as the bike. I could ride him to work. Man, I love him, but you learn as you get older to be more careful about impulse buying.

I had a brief guinea pig and bird phase myself, so I can relate.

Also: 10 Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask A White Person, which was brilliantly followed by: 10 Things A White Guy Has Always Wanted To Know About Black People. This is one of the the only time I’d ever advise anyone to read through the comments of an article discussing race. From there, I learned that Frito Pie is the great uniter, and everyone hates George W. Bush! I do love this delicious, intelligent and post-racial (ahem) world we’re living in.