The forest for the trees

Acacia in Flower (or, Blossoming Acacia Branches)
Vincent van Gogh

Lately I have struggled to see the forest for the trees, and for a gloominess of my own creation blanketing the light. I am working to re-discover what a pleasure it is to wake up at dawn, to move my body and tend to my home. When I bother to take a moment, stop and reconnect with what actually makes me happy instead of burying my mind in media and ugly habits, confusion turns to clarity and I feel like I can actually breathe.

Meditation and yoga is helping, and so is reworking my diet, writing and reading more books – but climbing out of my own ass has truly been the most effective thing.


Tuesdays with Geordi: The Naked Now

Making my way through the complete series of Star Trek: The Next Generation, one Tuesday at a time. This week covers Season 1, Episode 2: The Naked Now

Single Sentence Synopsis: Fuck Wesley.

Recap: The Federation Fam are planning to rendezvous with a scientific research vessel – a sexy scientific research vessel, not a boring one like those other research vessels – that has been sending workplace-inappropriate voicemails for quite some time. Putting it mildly, “indications of what humans would call a wild party” are discovered, and after that things get a little horny. 

The good? Data and Yar totally bang. The bad? Wesley. I fucking hate Wesley. This entire episode exists to set up Wesley as a character of any value. It is a lie – Wesley is useless. Verdict: 3/10. 


Tuesdays with Geordi: First Contact

Making my way through the complete series of Star Trek: The Next Generation, one Tuesday at a time. This week covers Season 4, Episode 15 – First Contact

Single Sentence Synopsis: It is better to ask permission than to beg forgiveness.

Recap: Dr. Lilith Sternin (formerly Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crane) and Malcor III’s most curmudgeonly government official, an unsettling mashup of Henry Bemis and Trent Lott, fuck up everything and almost get Riker killed. Picard’s best efforts and long, meaningful looks aren’t enough to save the day, unfortunately; Federation/Malcor relations will be verboten for generations, until old prejudices die and a new generation is ready for significant change (boy, that doesn’t sound at all familiar.). Upside? Riker gets laid. Downside? We don’t see it. Verdict? 7/10.

Slices o’ Sausage

Long story short, my sister-in-law made a (very tame, for the record) dick joke, and for whatever reason it reminded me of this helpful hint:

If you want to slice your sausage before cooking it, put it in the freezer. Any sausage worth its salt has enough fat that the link won’t entirely freeze, even when stored for weeks, which means you can slice evenly without much effort at all. If your freezer is a boss, or you’re in a rush, just stick them in there for 15-20 minutes and you’re good to go.

Having a very sharp knife is the only real way to slice raw sausage without everything squishing out the sides. If you’re like me, with knives that are sharp enough, this is the way to go.

PS: Slicing sausage raw adds a great texture to the meat thanks to more surface area to sear, which translates well to dishes like spaghetti since the sear can withstand the sauce. Onions and peppers cooked together with a nice spicy Italian sausage, and just a little bit of crunch to the edges, some roasted tomatoes and diced garlic thrown in – that is heaven.

Happy sautéeing.

I Needed Color i love being alive and the art is the evidence of that

Jim Carrey is painting!

Not that I read these kinds of things on purpose, but from what I hear the guy’s had a pretty rough run of life lately. I have been a hardcore Carrey fan since childhood, and man, what a delight to see him paint like this. Watching him channel his pain, hearing him work through the dark to produce this much beauty, is just outstanding.

This video made me a very special kind of happy.

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color from SGG on Vimeo.

I Love N’Sync

Long story short, I found myself watching some N’Sync videos a few weeks ago. Couple reasons (besides The Hot One) that I love N’Sync:

They are everything that was cool about 15 years ago. This video, for example, has Jamiroquai, Michael (feat Janet) Jackson and just a dash of old school Pinnoco. One word: glorious. Plus, Hot One sings!

Not enough toys for you?! This one is basically Toy Story: The Synchronized Gyration with a little Barbie Girl mixed in for fabulous measure.

Gone is so sad. So sad. But the lyrics really are beautiful, and pairing it with a video full of meaningful stares and wall slides makes it a timeless and truly powerful song. It rivals Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely for best angsty cry-until-you-die song by a 1990’s-era boy band.

Finally, this video is a delight for all senses. Break dancing! Chokers! Shirt on top of a shirt under another shirt!  Not to mention the seizure-inducing dance club set and wicked graphics.  Also, Hot One sings some more. Please don’t miss the last 30 seconds! Do it for JT.

Thank you for your time.