Doing It Wrong: Beach Towels Edition

Spock Beach Towel – GeekAlerts

Beach Towels: They’re more complicated than you think! Gizmodo breaks down why you suck at sitting on the beach with a helpful guide to this unique towel’s many handy features.

Unfortunately, the jury’s still out on how a beach towel matches up against your everyday variety when it comes to interstellar hitchhiking.

3 thoughts on “Doing It Wrong: Beach Towels Edition

  1. This is a pretty good invention. I like that it wicks water away but is soft and comfy on one side. Every time I go to the beach, I’m on a petite towel, get covered in sand, and then have to place the heaving sack of wetness into my car for the drive home. I can’t advise you as to its interstellar hitchhiking abilities, but it looks like it has potential.


    1. When I was a wee one, we took an old sheet and weighed it down with shoes. Frankly, I’m amazed so much thought went into this type of towel. I haven’t used many, but they are so insanely cozy.


      1. Oh man. Nothing beats the old sheet and shoes trick. My family used to do that too. I never have the organizational ability to include a sheet. But I’m bringing that concept back. Thanks for jogging my memory!



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