Going home

On my way home from work the other day, my mind began to wander back to Texas. We’ve been lucky enough to get a few visits from family since we moved out West, which has done a lot to lessen my homesickness. Since I’m not a big phone person, I never call like I ‘should’ although I do try to send letters and cards. Mostly, I just feel guilty and think about them a lot.

I wasn’t in a great mood that day, anyway. At a red light, I fished my iPod out of my bag and started a new shuffle for some distraction from my thoughts and shitty work day. What I got instead was a mix that made me miss my people even more.

Houston – Dean Martin

I had no idea this song was even in my collection. I got a killer deal on Dino’s Greatest Hits on Amazon a few years ago, and while iTunes wants to play That’s Amore every fifth song, I’d never heard this one before.

Lonestar – Norah Jones

This feeling I’m trying to fight/It’s dark and I think that I would/Give anything/For you to shine down on me

Cowboy Rides Away – George Strait

These days I listen to everything more than I listen to country, but as a kid that’s all I’d want to hear. My big sister loves country music, and George Strait is one of our shared favorites. My first love will always be Garth Brooks, but for emotionally charged honky tonk slow dance jams, you can’t beat King George. (Desperately, anyone?)

Just a Ride – Jem

I love Jem, and I love this song. Don’t forget, enjoy the ride – indeed. Needless to say, I rolled into the driveway with a smile on my face.

In the spirit of full disclosure, the last song that played on my drive was Jay-Z’s 99 Problems. A great song that isn’t really relevent here, although I did just read a great legal analysis of that song [pdf] by an associate professor at Southwestern Law School, who is probably a lot of fun at dinner parties. I love it when seemingly important and busy professional people take time out of their lives for this kind of silliness.


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